Andrew Weil

"If you think that medical care has become just another corporatized, depersonalized industry, spend some time with my (aging, somewhat deviant, hippie) friends who make me proud to be a doctor. Whatever they will do together at the Clown Town Healing event, where (and you can never be sure) Patch and Carl will will make you think, laugh, and lift your spirits… and that has to lead to better health."

Bradford Keeney, Ph.D.

"Carl Hammerschlag and Patch Adams are more than the sum of the Mayo brothers, Marx brothers, and Ringling brothers. Here come the seriously funny doctors who promise to tickle to death all pathology-focused healthcare and deliver a new baby, a crazy wisdom medicine paradigm that wiggles and giggles us into a more healing kind of deep-wellness. Send out the frowns and bring in these clowns!"

John Jay Koriath, Ph.D.

"In the three decades I’ve known and worked with Carl he has used his heartfelt healing skills to help people find new ways of seeing that would free them from mindsets that no longer serve them. We need that energy to transform healthcare today and I am confident the ClownTown Healing event will lead us in that direction."

Steve Olweean

"The work that Patch Adams, Carl Hammerschlag, and friends are doing and have been doing for many decades is nothing short of amazing and inspiring – consistently traveling to the most desperate, wounded places on Earth and bringing with them healing hands, healing hearts, and nourishment for the too often deeply deprived need for joy that sustains life and hope.

Like us, they do this from their hearts on their own time, energy, and dime, as I’ve been privileged to witness 1st hand in our working hand-in-hand to serve many hundreds of Syrian refugee children in Jordan."

Val Halamandaris

"Dr. Carl Hammerschlag combines the wisdom of Gandhi with the eloquence of JFK."

Scott Wordelman

"Dr. H. Knows healing and community unlike anyone I have worked with during my healthcare career. His ability to kindle the human spirit In ways that inspire and heal Are simply exceptional.

While working together in Red Wing Carl Helped to bring together all specters of our community creating a common approach to community challenges. From the police chief the tribal elders the school superintendent the mayor called the officials and healthcare providers worked together in ways that had never happened before. His ability to touch the hearts of so many allowed us to lay the platform for change.

Carl will touch your heart, open your eyes, inspire you to see possibilities That lay the groundwork for coming together and healing As a critical step in addressing the healthcare challenges we all face."

Roland Schaffler

"Health Care Systems around the world prove to fail in healing. The solution for our Health Systems is not to get better – they have to become different. The ClownTown Healing event is a joyful, wise and different way to get the system into the change we all need so urgently. I am looking forward to the next ClownTown Healing event – let's say … in Vienna!?

Thank you Carl and Patch! With love standing by your side..."

Scott Wordelman

"The secret sauce of health is not driven by brilliance, technology, systems, or budgets. Rather, it is how the people who assemble to both provide and receive care come to it that makes one truly healthy. Joy is somewhere buried under our systems, and a clown town healing festival may just release the spirit we so desperately are seeking…."

Alberto Guerra Garcia

"Working in a community with Carl reminds me why I became a doctor; to connect with people with an open heart and mind to create true and significant healing moments."

Matteo Cavalleroni

"Patch is a light that helps people shine; a prophet of love, caring and social justice. Carl is that unique combination of doctor and healer who helps you see light even in the darkness. Together, they are a healing wave of love; don’t miss them in this unique event, they can change your life like they changed mine."

Daniel Burrus

"I have followed Carl’s extraordinary career for 30 years, his groundbreaking work in promoting health and healing has been a source of awakening, inspiration and joy to me throughout that time. CTH will touch and move you too."

Dick Dooley

"Dr. Carl is a long time friend, mentor and companion together on multiple journeys -- for both Barbara (my wife) and I. He is known to many of you via numerous, relevant/provocative presentations in my Leadership Learning Forums over the years. And for SIM -- the Society of Information Systems.

In particular, in the Regional Leadership Forums [ RLF’s] have highlighted his books, as well as his talks/tapes. This will be a fun, moving. important initial focus here in the states of work for Dr. Carl, Dr. “Patch” Adams, and what others have done in Peru and elsewhere for years. Don’t miss it! Email them their brochure and latest information. I’ve sent a personal testimonial, and dollar amount contribution. You could/should too!"