Who may I send an email to in order to get more information about community partners?

Contact Jeffrey Lazos-Ferns: [jeffrey at clowntownhealingfest dot com]

What do Community Partners do? Click here to read + find out more!

Community partners are nonprofit organizations, public agencies, government offices, schools, and certain private businesses that align with the mission of CTH and provide community service as an integral part of their programs. Service may include direct service with clients, special projects, research, or other activities that are identified by the community partner to meet a real community need. As a partner with CTH, partners will be responsible for engaging their community with CTH, provide marketing, public relation support before and after and on the day of our event, be part of the programming if applicable.

Who can be a partner (non-inclusive list)?

· Business/industry

· School

· Nonprofit organization

· Community leader

· Community center

· Cultural center

· Public service agency

· Government entity

· Professional society