The Maestros of Medicine

Phoenix Magazine - Jimmy Magahern

A great piece written by Phoenix Magazine writer, Jimmy Magahern. He mentions our very own Dr. Carl Hammerschlag about the 25 most influential doctors in Phoenix Metro healthcare. If you scroll down the page, he's at #25.

Lovin' Life After 50: Phoenix, April of 2016

Lovin' Life After 50 - Jimmy Magahern

Lovin' Life After 50 writer Jimmy Magahern wrote a great article about our own Dr. Carl Hammerschlag. Once you click here, use the right arrow and scroll to page 30-31 to read it.

ClownTown Healing

The Differential (University of Arizona) - Madalyn Nelson

University of Arizona student writer covered the fest and wrote a nice piece on us.

The Real Patch Adams Spreads Laughter At Hospital

The Arizona Republic / USA TODAY - The Arizona Republic

From the Arizona Republic, "World-renowned doctor Patch Adams came to Phoenix over the weekend as part of the Clown Town Healing Fest, delivering a message of love, happiness and healing."

Photograph: Thomas Hawthorne (The Arizona Republic)

Dr. Hunter ‘Patch’ Adams preaches humor to Arizona doctors and nurses

KTAR 620 - Mike Sackley

From Mr. Sackley, "the message to health care workers in Arizona and around the world: remember compassion, humor and love."

Photograph: Mike Sackley

Clown Around + Learn About Good Health With Patch Adams

azcentral - Anthony Sandoval

From azcentral, "Well-known doctor-clowns will share healing strategies at Phoenix festival."

ClownTown Healing

12 News - KPNX

12 News / Arizona Midday covered us before the fest began. CTH Executive Director Hayley Shapiro took the reigns to talk about the festival.

Patch Adams To Visit Phoenix For Clown Town Healing Event

Arizona Latinos - Editor

Huge thank you to Arizona Latinos for writing a press release for our festival.

Clowing Around! Arcadia Resident Joins Patch Adams' Team

Arcadia News - Katie Mayer

From Mayer, "Often wearing a bright red nose, protruding fake teeth and oversized glasses, the 23-year-old isn’t just clowning around for fun – she’s doing it to change the world."

PV Resident Behind ClownTown Healing

Paradise Valley Independent - Paradise Valley Independent

From the article, "doctors and international humanitarian clowns Carl Hammerschlag of Paradise Valley and Patch Adams (made famous by the Robin Williams portrayal), will host the inaugural ClownTown Healing Fest."

Video About ClownTown Healing

Drs. Patch Adams & Carl Hammershlag

Watch + listen to Dr. Patch Adams as he talks about ClownTown Healing.

12 News Phoenix

12 News

Local news station 12 News took part in showcasing us in a segment they put together for us.

Clown Healing Workshop

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag

This 6-hour workshop combines didactic material with experiential learning that focuses on, active listening, trusting ones intuition, brief interventions, and identifying peoples strengths and resilience (CEU’s have been applied for) .

12 News Phoenix II

12 News

12 News Phoenix covered us once again as we prepared for our 1st Annual ClownTown Healing event in Arizona.

Opening Night Video: Saturday, September 27th, 2016

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag

A short video we posted in regards to the opening night -- with Dr. Hammerschlag.

Fox 10 News Phoenix

Fox10 News

Local News Station, Fox 10 News in Phoenix took the time to include us in a great segment. Check it out here!

Our Video About Volunteering

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag talks about volunteers -- we can always use them for our events + festivals. Plus, who wouldn't want to volunteer for such a great cause and making those who are ill feel better?

The Benefits of CTH

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag

Dr. Carl Hammershlag talks about the various benefits that CTH offers those who are ill and how much the community means to us and those in need of preventative care.

10 News. Tampa Bay/Sarasota, Florida.

10 News Tampa Bay/Sarasota, Florida

10 News in Tampa Bay/Sarasota, Florida ran a wonderful segment on our own Dr. Patch Adams and ClownTown Healing.