Video About ClownTown Healing

Drs. Patch Adams & Carl Hammershlag

Watch + listen to Dr. Patch Adams as he talks about ClownTown Healing.

12 News Phoenix

12 News

Local news station 12 News took part in showcasing us in a segment they put together for us.

Clown Healing Workshop

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag

This 6-hour workshop combines didactic material with experiential learning that focuses on, active listening, trusting ones intuition, brief interventions, and identifying peoples strengths and resilience (CEU’s have been applied for) .

12 News Phoenix II

12 News

12 News Phoenix covered us once again as we prepared for our 1st Annual ClownTown Healing event in Arizona.

Opening Night Video: Saturday, September 27th, 2016

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag

A short video we posted in regards to the opening night -- with Dr. Hammerschlag.

Fox 10 News Phoenix

Fox10 News

Local News Station, Fox 10 News in Phoenix took the time to include us in a great segment. Check it out here!

Our Video About Volunteering

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag talks about volunteers -- we can always use them for our events + festivals. Plus, who wouldn't want to volunteer for such a great cause and making those who are ill feel better?

The Benefits of CTH

Dr. Carl Hammerschlag

Dr. Carl Hammershlag talks about the various benefits that CTH offers those who are ill and how much the community means to us and those in need of preventative care.

10 News. Tampa Bay/Sarasota, Florida.

10 News Tampa Bay/Sarasota, Florida

10 News in Tampa Bay/Sarasota, Florida ran a wonderful segment on our own Dr. Patch Adams and ClownTown Healing.