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ClownTown Healing is a joyous celebration promoting health and healing in community. It will take place for the second year in a row this February 24-26, 2017 at the Herberger Theater in Phoenix, Arizona. We will mobilize the entire communities health care resources to inspire people to becoming healthier.

Our motto is “Get Well Before You Get Sick” because we believe that the future of healthcare is about shifting from the interventional paradigm to one that’s based on prediction and prevention.

It’s time to take care of our own health. As a culture, we are developing the innovative technology to monitor virtually every health parameter, but we must also keep the human connection in medicine, that healing relationship is how we inspire people to wanting to become active participants in their own healing.

ClownTown Healing (CTH) is a practical model for promoting health in community. Clowns will bring together an entire cities healing resources to demonstrate how people can take charge of their personal and families health care needs.  ClownTown has a goal of inspiring people to participate in their own healthcare and to create healing communities – we heal better in community.

ClownTown Healing is an opportunity for people to learn, experience and gather information about the many ways there are to becoming healthier. CTH will be bringing together a wide variety of healthcare providers from insurance companies, hospitals, mental health counseling, dentistry, hospice, yoga, healing movement, art therapy, music, physical therapy, massage, healthy eating, resources for children, community resource agencies, schools and so much more.

Stay tuned for more information and join us in our third year (2018) of bringing this healing revolution to life!  

Last year we offered Seminars and Demonstrations such as:
• Facing a Life-threatening Illness or Injury, with Jason Schecterle
• Love as a Healing Strategy, by Patch Adams, MD
• The Difference between Healing and Curing, with Carl Hammerschlag, MD
• Bullying is No Bull, with Brad Snyder
• Athletes: The Heroes Journey, with Nick Lowery
• Rubber Chicken Soup for Geezers, A Senior’s Toolkit for Making the Most Out of Life, by John Glick, MD
• What Matters in the End, presented by Hospice of the Valley
• New Medical Technology: The Promise and Price, with David Beyda, MD
• A special performance by Detour Theater Company

As well as Healing Workshops such as
• Sound healing and gong rhythms
• Yoga and stretching for sore bodies
• Narrative therapy
• Mask making as a healing ritual
• Stress relief through breathing and movement
• Clowning 101

What exactly is a Clown Healing Workshop + what is included in the fee? Click here to find out more!

**After you've taken the time to read what our workshops are about, please scroll down this page past the FAQs and you'll find the two separate workshops we offer. You can register and pay the fee here. Thank you.**

The genius of our technology has not minimized the importance of our humanity in the healing process. It is in our healing connections with patients/people that we inspire and promote health.

Internationally recognized physicians who also have experience in the art of clown healing will lead this pre-festival workshop. Last year we were joined by the ranks of Drs. Patch Adams, Carl Hammerschlag, John Glick, Bowen White and professional clown teacher Dan Griffiths.

This workshop is intended for healthcare professionals interested in learning and using the principles and practice of clown therapy to expand their therapeutic repertoire and magnify their healing power.

This 6-hour workshop combines didactic material with experiential learning that focuses on active listening, trusting ones intuition, brief interventions, and identifying peoples strengths and resilience.

The clinicians in this workshop will be invited to participate as “Truth Fairies” during the Fest. In which they will participate in The Truth clinic (for more information go to The Truth Clinic page on our website).

As a healthcare professional, you will learn how to:

- Magnify your healing power
- Establish heartfelt connections with patients in short periods of time
- Incorporate new healing modalities into your clinical work
- Share the rich history of The Fool/Jester/Clown as sacred healer

Continuing Education: Participating in the ClownTown Healing Workshop will provide a maximum of:

5.0 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit for physicians and
5.75 continuing nursing education (CNE) contact hours.

Cost: $99 (for registered nurses and other healthcare professionals requesting CNE's) or $125 (for physicians and other healthcare professionals requesting CME's + all other attendees not requesting continuing education credits). Additionally, CEU's will be offered.

Fee includes:

- 6-hour Clown Healing Workshop
- Red clown nose
- Continuing Education Credits
- Membership in The Truth Fairies
- Ability to participate in ClownTown Truth Clinics

For more information please contact: info at clowntownhealing dot com

What is The Truth Clinic + What Are Truth Fairies? Click here to find out more!

We need to be talking to each other more about the ordinariness of the ups and downs of life, encourage people to seek out credible resources in the community that can help them move ahead.

The Truth Clinics are a way of encouraging people to talk about anything that’s on their minds/ how they’re feeling, that they’d like to talk about with a health professional for 15 minutes. We don’t make diagnoses, or prescribe drugs, they are conducted in a public space, but in an area in which only the person and the “Truth Fairy” can hear each other.

The Truth Fairies are all health professionals, and who have participated in a Clown Healing Workshop (learn more about how to become a Truth Fairy under Workshops), where they have learned the principles of brief therapeutic encounters and ways to incorporating them into their clinical practice. Truth Fairies come to people with an open heart, and a willingness to listen without judgement; they are solution-oriented rather than problem-focused, helping identify strengths, resilience, and may offer suggestions, advice, comfort, even a new perspective.

What are some important facts about our healthcare system today?

• Our healthcare system is killing and bankrupting us. We spend almost 20% of our GDP on healthcare, 7x more than any other industrialized nation on Earth and we’re not the healthiest country in the world (not even in the top 20).

• America’s total health care bill for 2014 was $3 trillion. That’s more than the next 10 biggest spenders combined (Japan, Germany, France, China, the U.K., Italy, Canada, Brazil, Spain, and Australia). All that extra money produces no better, and in many cases worse, results.

• The system is based on an interventional model, which means waiting until we get sick and then seeing a doctor. If you can’t get an appointment you go to an Urgent Care Center or an Emergency Room.

• Wherever you get seen you won’t get much time with the doctor, but you will get lots of tests, procedures, and drug prescriptions; this is expensive healthcare that’s not keeping us healthy.

Who may I send an email to in order to get more information about community partners?

Contact Jeffrey Lazos-Ferns: [jeffrey at clowntownhealingfest dot com]

What do Community Partners do? Click here to read + find out more!

Community partners are nonprofit organizations, public agencies, government offices, schools, and certain private businesses that align with the mission of CTH and provide community service as an integral part of their programs. Service may include direct service with clients, special projects, research, or other activities that are identified by the community partner to meet a real community need. As a partner with CTH, partners will be responsible for engaging their community with CTH, provide marketing, public relation support before and after and on the day of our event, be part of the programming if applicable.

Who can be a partner (non-inclusive list)?

· Business/industry

· School

· Nonprofit organization

· Community leader

· Community center

· Cultural center

· Public service agency

· Government entity

· Professional society

Who may I send an email to in order to get more information about EXHIBITORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES?

Please contact us at the following: [info at clowntownhealingfest dot com] OR fill out the FORM below and type EXHIBITOR next to the COMMENT line.

Click HERE for more information about EXHIBITORS + where our next festival will be in 2018!

Take this outstanding opportunity to connect with thousands of individuals on a direct person-to-person level. Come share your knowledge at the fabulous Herberger Theater Center in Downtown Phoenix. Not only is this one of the most accessible outside facilities in downtown Phoenix, but also in the heart of one of the most rapid, up and coming, walkable regions in the state.


ClownTown Healing is a true festival because it includes activities and interactive components. Medical testing, yoga and aerial arts, clowning, indigenous and alternative medicine education, cultural health communities, story-telling and inspirational and motivational speakers will all be part of the experience. This event is a practical demonstration of the cultural shift from interventional medicine to preventive medicine.

Attendees will be exposed to the many ways they can participate in staying healthier.
The Festival Is Free! And features Workshops, Demonstrations, and Lectures by noted health, fitness and nutrition professionals.


You'll have the opportunity to present and share your expertise and/or services to thousands of interested individuals on a direct person-to-person level.

Booth cost: $500

Booth fees include booth set up, table, chairs, official signage and mention in CTH programming and outreach material. For more information and to register please fill out the form below. Space is limited so apply early. We limit the number of booths in each category.

Click to read about our SPONSORSHIP LEVELS

[Sponsorship Levels]

Level 1: $2,500

Sponsor benefits:

- Name recognition and logo on website and printed program

- One 10x10 tent in a preferred location, day of CTHF event

- 2 participants to attend Clown Healing Workshop

Level 2: $5,000

Sponsor benefits:

- Name recognition and logo on website and printed program

- Two 10x10 tent in a preferred location, day of CTHF event

- 4 participants to attend Clown Healing Workshop

Level 3: $10,000

Sponsor benefits:

- Prominent name and logo recognition on all promotional materials including website and printed program

- Name and logo placement for day of main CTH event banners

- Personal introduction at all CTH Events

- Two10x10 tents in prominent location, day of CTH

- 4 participants to attend Clown Healing Workshop

- Inspirational presentation given to your employees or audience of your choice by Carl Hammerschlag, MD, ClownTown Healing Founder.

Who do I contact to get more information about being a sponsor?

Please contact us at the following: [info at clowntownhealingfest dot com]

What if I want to contact someone for a general, sponsorship or miscellaneous question?

That's easy! We can help you with that. Simply fill out the FORM above. In the MESSAGE LINE, please add the following for what you'd like to talk about:


Thank you!

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Special

Dec. 14, 2016

We're offering a special at local downtown Phoenix Holiday Inn Express & Suites if you're planning to come for one of our two Clowntown Healing Workshops or the Clowntown Healing Fest.


Feb 24th

Workshop Registration :: $99

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
This workshop is intended for registered nurses and other healthcare professionals requesting CNE's + all other attendees not requesting continuing education credits.

Workshop Registration :: $125

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
For physicians and other healthcare professionals requesting CME's.

Alberto Guerra Garcia

"Working in a community with Carl reminds me why I became a doctor; to connect with people with an open heart and mind to create true and significant healing moments."